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Piston dosing-filling machines
RP-15S - RP-15ST 

Dosing-filling machine perfect for filling doughnuts, eclairs, "cannoli" (horns), cream-puffs etc. with the help of a variety of nozzles. Both models are able to work in 2 modes: manual (a press of the pedal executes 1 dosing cycle) and continuous (a press of the pedal executes dosing cycles until it is pressed again). The RP-15ST model is equipped with a timer to input the time and pause between dosing cycles for continuous work.

Standard equipment supplied with the machine includes:
1) Wrench for the dose regulation
2) Wrench for the nozzle changing
3) Nozzle diameter 10 mm
4) Nozzle diameter 8 mm
5) Nozzle diameter 6 mm
6) A double spout nozzle 2x6 mm
7) A drip-stop valve
8) Start pedal
The quantity of the filling is regulated mechanically from 5 to 84 cubic centimeters.
The machine provides high level of productivity by sppeding up the manual dosing-filling process.

Bowl capacity 15 litres  
Weight 27 kg 
Installed power 0,37 kWt 
Voltage 400 V / 3 fase / 50 Hz 
Dimensions 700х320х530h cm


Hand gun

Hand gun with a 1,5 long hose can be used with different type of nozzles and is very usefull for filling or dosing directly on baking trays

Heating jacket

Used with products that need to be heated (chocolate or similar)

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