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Gear dosing-filling machine

Dosing-filling machine by Confimec S.r.l. is designed for injecting or filling confectionary products with cream, jam or other types of products and for dosing the stuffing on top of the products and inside moulds. A wide range of nozzles provides large opportunities for decoration and filling of products in pastry shops. Touch screen control panel can be set to work in 3 modes: manual, automatic, sequential. Up to 7 programmes can be memorised by the machine in automatic and sequential modes with full control of speed, dosing time, vacuum time and pause between doses. Electric inverter allowes to regulate speed of the gears. 3 types of nozzles are included: dual spout 2x Ø 6 mm, spout Ø 6 mm, spout Ø 8 mm. The machine can be equipped with optional accesories: dosing-injecting gun with 1,5 long hose, heating jacket for the bowl, petal gears for dosing creams of jams with different inclusions like raisins, cherry, candied fruit, nuts etc. It can also be equipped with a conveyor belt TRD 400 and a stand. The combination of the machine and the conveyor belt automates the process of rilling silicon and paper moulds. The transporter belt is complete with a manifold which holds up to 6 flexible dosing tubes, that can be adjusted for moulds of different sizes and shapes.

Hopper capacity 15 liters
Weight 27 Kg
Installed power 0,37 kWt
Voltage 220V / 1 / 50-60 Hz
Dimensions 360х465х630h mm 


Hand gun

Hand gun with a 1,5 long hose can work with different nozzles and allowes to fill or dose directly on trays or moulds


Lobes allow to dose products with inclusions (raisins, cherry, candied fruit, nuts etc.)

Heating jacket

Used with products that need to be heated (chocolate or similar)

Transport belt

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